2015 September


Workshop Report on Data-Driven Operational Wildfire Spread Modeling Released

Prof. Gollner and Trouve recently released a Workshop Report providing a record of the discussions that took place during the workshop entitled “Towards Data-Driven Operational Wildfire Spread Modeling” held on January 12-13, 2015, at the University of California, San Diego. The workshop was organized as part of WIFIRE, a collaborative project sponsored by the National Science Foundation […]

A wide angle shot of the Yosemite wildfire that broke out on Sunday morning and burned throughout the night.  The light from the moon, the fire and even the stars made this shot for me.    Looking through the viewfinder the scene was surreal and epic at the same time.  Destruction of some of the best and most popular trails in Yosemite.  Clouds continued to move in and I saw lighting to the right out of frame.  It did rain some and I am sure that helped suppress the fire that continued to smolder.   Soon  the glow of the flames turned to a smoky misty shroud around half dome.    This is one of the more impressive shots I have gotten in a while and I came away with dozens that are equally impressive.  It was hard to choose which ones.

Rim Fire

Rim Fire The Rim fire started on August 17, 2013 in the Tuolumne and Mariposa counties of California, USA. With over 400 square miles of land eventually burnt, it is the third largest wildfire in California’s history, being declared fully contained on October 24, 2013 after over two months firefighting. 10 injuries were reported and […]


FireFlux Experiments

FireFlux Experiments The performance of our prototype data-driven wildland fire spread model is being evaluated by comparisons with data from field-scale controlled fire experiments. We first consider the Fireflux experiment that took place on February 23, 2006, at Houston Coastal Center in Texas [1]. The Fireflux experiment corresponds to a 0.63 km2 plot size, flat […]