1. IAFSS – International Association for Fire Safety Sciences
  2. The Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  3. Joint Fire Science Program
  4. International forum of Fire Research Directors
  5. National Fire Sprinkler Association
  6. The Combustion Institute
  7. The National Fire Protection Association
  8. American Fire Sprinkler Association
  9. Fire Research Institute
  10. (Public information Resource)

Academic Journals

  1. Combustion and Flame
  2. Combustion Science and Technology
  3. Fire Safety Journal
  4. Proceedings of IAFSS
  5. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
  6. Fire Technology
  7. Combustion Theory and Modeling
  8. SpringerBriefs in Fire

Fire Information Resources for Academics and Professionals

  1. FM Global Datasheets
  2. IAFSS Article Archive (Membership required for access)
  3. UK Fire Research Notes (open access)
  4. Fire Service Wiki
  5. NIST BFRL Publications
  6. James Ieradi’s Fire Protection Engineering Resource Site (WPI)
  7. FireDoc – NIST BFRL
  8. CFD Wiki
  9. Edinburgh Research Archive
  10. NIOSH Investigation Reports
  11. Vyto Babrauskas’ Fire links

Fire Research Laboratories

  1. FM Global
  2. UL Laboratories
  3. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)- Building and Fire Research Laboratories (BFRL)
  4. BRE
  5. FM Global
  6. USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station
  7. USFS Fire Lab in Missoula
  8. FAA Fire Safety Branch
  9. NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program

Wildfire Links

  1. USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station
  2. International Journal of Wildland Fire
  3. International Association of Wildland Fire
  4. Wildfire World