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Tracking the Long-Term Cost of Wildfire Emissions (ConE)

A collaboration of faculty were awarded a University of Maryland Council on the Environment seed grant initiative (Trouve/Gollner/Ide/Ellicott). The effort aims to quantify wildfire pollutant/aerosol emissions using simulations, data assimilation and satellite observations. Read More



WIFIRE, A collaborative NSF-funded project between UCSD and UMD (Gollner/Trouve) integrates networked observations, e.g., heterogeneous satellite data and real-time remote sensor data, with computational techniques in signal processing, visualization, modeling and data assimilation to provide a scalable, technological, and educational solution to monitor weather patterns to predict a wildfire’s Rate of Spread. Read More

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Modeling the Structure of Wildfire Flames (USDA FS)

Research on fundamental mechanisms for fire spread (Gollner/Trouve) is funded by the USDA Forest Service through the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory. Read More


Remote Sensing (NASA)

Evan Elicott and colleauges in the Department of Geographical Sciences use remote sensing techniques to identify active wildfires and study their effects.